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How to Fix Your Bike Chain

If you have ever had a slipped chain, it can be annoying to fix it if you don’t know how to. Fortunately, this article is for you. The links of a chain are held together by a steel pin or peg. You can either push out and push in the pins in order to remove or attach links if you have a chain tool or a hammer and a pliers.

When you are fixing a chain, you need to remove the broken link and re-attach the remaining loose ends.

Why chains break

One of the common causes of a broken chain is peddling with full force while simultaneously shifting the front derailleur. Other times, chain breaks are caused by an assortment of problems. While it is common for chains to break, it is every day that you will need to repair or change your mountain bike.

But expect your chain to break now and then. When it does happen, fixing it is no harder than fixing a flat tire as long as you have the right tools.

Fixing a broken chain

A chain tool is needed when fixing a broken chain. A chain tool is a rivet extractor. It has 3 parts:

  • Slots to hold the chain. The slot that if further from the screw is useful for breaking chain and joining a chain. The slot that is nearer to the screw is for loosening stiff chain-links after they have been joined.
  • A handle
  • A punch driven by a screw

As you fix your chain, follow these simple steps

  • Flip your bike over. This will help you reach the chain more easily
  • Examine the broken ends. You will then have to remove two segments of the chain. This is because the two types of segment alternate. Removing just one segment will make it impossible for you to reattach it. Then you will need to place the chain into the groove in the chain tool. Place it at the place you want to disconnect. A worn out or non-broken chain can be replaced in the same way
  • Turn the screw on the chain tool. It will start pushing the pin out of the chain. Both the pin on the chain tool and the pin on the chain should be lined up.
  • Push the pin as far enough and not all the way out to keep the chain from coming apart. Leave out the last bit of the pin. You will push it in back later.
  • After this, feed the chin back onto the sprockets.
  • Next is to use the chain tool to push the pin back in. It is quite tricky since you need to keep the tool lined up with the pin.
  • By now, your pin should be in but the link you attached will be stiff. To loosen it enough to bend, work it back and forth.

Fixing a broken chain can get messy so be comfortable to do it with what you’re wearing. After fixing your chain successfully, you should have a proud moment because of what you have been able to accomplish.

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