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Weighing Your Options: Cycling Versus Running

Is cycling better than running?

Running is very exciting and fun. It is a very affordable sport and is effective when it comes to burning calories. It can also be incorporated into various training regimens.

The funny thing is that as effective as running is very many people are not capable of running for a long distance. However, the same people are capable of going for longer distances when they cycle. Cycling helps a person cover greater distances especially for people who are unfit.

The reason behind this discovery is that running requires a lot more effort than cycling does.

When you run, you have to lift your body weight off the ground. You have to go against gravity and propel your body forward. This makes it harder to run for a mile. Not forgetting the fact that when you come down, you have to strike the ground and absorb all the forces including gravity.

This makes it harder for people who have extra pounds to run for a long distance.

When you cycle, you maintain the same energy this is because you are not going against numerous forces. This means that you are more likely to go for miles without feeling as exhausted as you would if you decide to run.

It is not easy to decide which the best option is because both of these exercises come with their own specific benefits. It depends on your goal in relation to fitness.


For someone that has more tenacity for pushing themselves running can be the best option if your aim is to lose as many calories. Also if you have little free time to exercise then you can get more exercise done in a shorter session.

It helps you lose general body fat without focusing on the muscles. It is recommended for people who want to maintain their natural BMI by fitting their workout routine into their tight schedules.

Running increases the chances of damaging the muscles because of all the pressure and weight exerted as a person runs. This causes pain and inflammation that can be avoided by opting for cycling.


This is a good option for people who appreciate the art of meditation and strengthening their lower body. If you are capable of taking some time out to cover a long distance, then cycling should be your first pick.

Once your BPM gets raised you’ll start burning fat without getting extremely exhausted. Also it can help you incorporate meditation into your exercise routine then cycling is your best option.

Research shows that this is a very good way to release stress and centre your mind away from negative thoughts. It has proved to have the same effects as meditation in a person suffering from mental health problems such as depression.

Cycling allows you to visit new sceneries since it helps you cover a longer distance faster.

Thus, it is a good fit for people who have a niche for is more effective when it comes to suppressing a hunger-causing hormone released in the body known as acylated ghrelin.

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